Berkshire Hathaway HS / Ambassador Real Estate -Commercial Division’s land brokers have a unique understanding of the many factors which influence land values and site selection, including:

  • Supply and demand
  • Zoning
  • Demographic
  • Traffic and physiographic patterns
  • Political issues and
  • Economic trends

In concert with our office, industrial, retail and investment brokers, our land team brings a holistic approach to land acquisition and disposition.

Proprietary Geographical Mapping System

Our proprietary Geographical Information System (GIS), which is updated continuously, enables Berkshire Hathaway / Ambassador Real Estate Land Specialists to provide clients with a depth of site analysis never before possible and can save tremendous amounts of time and money in the consideration of development land from corner out parcels to development tracts of 1,000 acres or more.

With our state of the art overlay system, we can show you the location of your competition, drive times, population density, income levels and other demographic information. Wetland areas can be delineated and measured, traffic counts determined, water and sewer lines located and a host of other important information can be over-layed on an aerial of the property to facilitate quick and profitable decisions.

Our senior land specialist, James Pearson, has a degree in Land Use Development and has a long history of developing raw land to completion of a variety of projects.

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