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Javier Cartaya

Javier Cartaya

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Specialties: Multi-Family Generalist

About Me

Commercial Real Estate is my natural investment growth goal.  My history includes my Cuban birthplace, where in addition to all sports (and finding myself very proficient in Taekwondo where I was 2-time champion in Cuba), I worked at construction – hands on work, and worked as an assistant to my Dad (he was in importer from Spain), where I learned how to accurately track shipments, proper documentation, and some bookkeeping. I later studied Accounting at the University, for which I am eternally grateful as it has guided me in the business and investment world, and helps my clients, too.

After immigrating to the United States in 2007, and after some strenuous and challenging beginnings, I filtered through selling aviation parts, commercial real estate build-out, warehouse manager, wholesale produce sales & distribution (as my first business), and ended up becoming a commercial appliances installer, and contracted with the largest Midwest dealer, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and created JC Install, LLC, which currently has 13 employees, generating revenues of over $1.7M/Year.

Then I expanded to invest in real estate, starting with the BRRR method to accumulate income properties, and flipped a few, which I continue to do.  I obtained my General construction licenses, and build residential homes currently, with the goal to build Multi-Family in the near future, for myself and/or my clients and joint-venture partners.

The Commercial Real Estate business allows me to use my hands-on knowledge of every facet of commercial real estate, from the construction, accounting, business, and operations, to lend a credible, experienced hand to my clients to acquire, own & use, or pure investment strategies of commercial income real estate.

As I continue to grow personally, and grow my businesses, I would welcome an opportunity to help YOU achieve your goals in commercial and investment real estate.